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Hi.  I’m Kimber.

Before I tell you who I am, let me tell you what I am not.  I am not a lot of things.  I am not a chef.  I have no formal culinary training. I didn’t grow up learning the secrets of Italian cooking from my grandmother who immigrated from Sicily, but I did enjoy spending time making cookies with my mom from time to time. I don’t know every step to make fancy sauces or other gourmet treats that may look better than they taste, and I don’t know the fancy terms to go along with any of it.

I am just an average girl, who has a busy family, and loves to cook (but let’s be honest… this is mostly just because I love to eat.)

I believe recipes can be easy and delicious.

You won’t find me doing crazy things here.  I just love to put together simple ingredients and great flavors to create (mostly healthy) recipes that anyone can make.  I use every day ingredients, words you won’t have to google, and step by step instructions to pass my favorites on to you!  If you see it here, my hope is that you will make it, love it, and feel like you really can conquer the world, or at least get the dinner on the table on the busiest of weeknights.

If you really need some quick go-to recipes…

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Oh and before you go… I love spending time here and passing on all my recipes to you, but if you can do me a favor it would really help support my site!  It is really hard to blog when you feel like no one is listening, so if you like a recipe, take time to leave me a comment or pin it to share with your friends. You can follow along on Facebook or Instagram and like, comment, or tag me in a post if you make my recipe.  It absolutely makes my day to know that you are out there, eating and enjoying, and I do read and try to respond to each one.  That interaction is priceless to me and really fuels my passion to keep creating and passing on my best to you.

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Happy Eating!

Kimber from Easy Family Recipes